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The mission of the AFA is to inform, equip, and activate individuals to strengthen the moral foundations of American culture and give aid to the church in fulfilling the Great Commission

Organization within the United Methodist Church that works for biblical faithfulness

Official confessing movement within the United Methodist Church shares its mission of advancing personal confessions of Jesus Christ

The world voice for evangelical renewal in the United Methodist Church for over 30 years, urging the church to be faithful to biblical principles

UM Action defends traditional christian practices in the spirit of the father of methodism, John Wesley

Documents happenings in the church and the culture, with an emphasis on the United Methodist Church

Includes Bishop's page, children's ministries, current events, and contact information. A calendar of events, various resources, and finance/administration

MSFUME is a fellowship of United Methodist christians, both lay and clergy. Their primary concern is to glorify God and to honor His Holiness

Wesley Biblical Seminary is a multi-denominational graduate school of theology within the evangelical Wesleyan-Armanian tradition

Serving pastors, training leaders, transforming lives

Other Conferences